Director :-  Mr. Kaushal Kumar Poonia

Recent growth and shifts in the structure of our domestic and global economy have created an unparalleled array of opportunities for our country. Despite a significant repertoire of educated youth being available in the market, most remain unemployable for want of confidence, leadership, pride and desire to excel.

Numerous studies have shown that the inputs a child receives at a formative stage are critical to his / her long-term development as a responsible, contributing global citizen. We have, therefore, decided to take a lead to catalyze India s advancement by building institutions of early childhood education incorporating the best global practices while keeping Indian values in mind.

Principal  :- Mrs. Anita

We promise that Asha Devi International will provide an exceptionally nurturing and stimulating environment for children to inquire, think, learn and emerge as confident global citizens flourishing in the competitive world of tomorrow. We have handpicked passionate, committed and experienced faculty who have been trained by a team of world class pedagogists to ensure your child receives the best global early childhood education.

Every child has a gift. At Asha Devi International we shall find that gift and make it a strength.